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Education is the key to connection

The future is visible to us in new forms of living together. The old ways are either dead or die or obliterated. People have a shortage of education, so they believe what the other person says before they look it up themselves. The future I'm talking about is more strategic in the present day when everyone is obliged to live a limited lifestyle which is impossible because we as citizens live in a society of freedom right?
Everything is a sign of how you say it and where you say it. Not everyone is waiting for feedback from another. Which normally should be in order to improve. Looking at this time of protests over the Black Lives Matter, may we be aware that they want to be heard for equal rights and that we as a people must reunite to let everyone speak their mind. I say & quote ;love is a straight road without corners & quote; instead of bumping into each other with violence or provocation we must follow our hearts and look straight ahead, forgive and remember on the day of righteousness the truth will float above the water.

From my experience I can tell you that my parents fled from a country that the bullets flew past their ears. Thanks they survived and gave birth to children in the Netherlands, I have also experienced times when I was bullied and scolded about my skin color, I felt that I wanted to quit and not come into contact with such people, so I even got away strayed to take the wrong side problems with justice police at the door crying mother a disappointing father. For this reason, I started to think and study education and science.
 In other words, a solution for every problem is making a point of I can't do it they don't want me doesn't exist. I have had a period when I went back to school and graduated and some certificates, that I am not seen, I am not interested but I know that after this story you will think differently. Start by looking at yourself before doing that to someone else. And never give up you're closer than you think when someone tells you; aah better not to. That person sees a flashy light above your head that he may not grant you because he himself does not have those capabilities.

Silence is the key to success.

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